Las Vegas Casino Carpets

Let’s talk rugs…


Benny Binion bought the Eldorado Club and Apache Hotel in 1951, re-opening them as Binion’s Horseshoe (also called the Horseshoe Casino). The casino’s interior had a frontier flavor, like an old-style riverboat, with low ceilings and velvet wallpaper. It was the first casino in downtown Las Vegas (also called Glitter Gulch) to replace sawdust-covered floors with carpeting. – extract from ‘Blood Aces’ by Doug Swanson.

Las Vegas Casino carpets play a vital role in making a good impression when a guest walks in the door.  Some do better than others (you know who you are).

More importantly, they are designed by clever people to hide a multitude of Vegas sins.  Just imagine a white carpet in a casino…

In the past few years, many casinos have decided they need a refresh.  Late at night, men who know how to do such things are moving banks of slot machines and laying out colourful, fresh smelling virgin carpet.

Unfortunately, many of my favorites were among the carpets that went to die; particularly the vivid purple one at Four Queens and the ‘B’ initial design at Binion’s.  Weirdly, I also had a sentimental attachment to the old Las Vegas Club flooring.  Yes, it looked like the bottom of an ashtray.  But that’s character, right?

Here are a selection of current Vegas rugs – can you name where they’re from? Hover over the picture to cheat.


Which casino has the best/worst carpeting?

Where’s your favorite?

Which one has that special ‘smell’ that makes you think ‘mmmm, Vegas’?

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